The "In The Wind with Biker George Devotional" is here!

Destined to be a favorite among all Christian bikers... Pastor Franko


"In The Wind with Biker George - Short Daily Ride Devotionals" eBook is available on Amazon at


If you can't make it to one of the book signings & would you like to have a signed copy of the "In The Wind with Biker George - Short Daily Ride Devotionals" mailed out to you you can get here while supplies last! If you want a copy but don't want it signed or you would like something special written, just put a note in with order. God bless!

It is my hope that these "short rides" will inspire many to ride with the Lord Jesus Christ every day. These quick and short daily devotionals are a great way to get your motor running, especially for those who may not have the time for longer devotionals.

Come ride with Biker George as he shares his unique daily devotionals. These witty words of humor & wisdom along with scripture on a daily basis is a great way to kick-start your day!

The road of life is an awesome adventure when we ride with Jesus!

Dano Janowski

What people are saying...

Biker George is simple, direct, and taken straight from the pages of the Bible! It's destined to be a favorite among all Christian bikers who take time to read it and reflect!
Pastor Franko, Founder Biker Bible Institute and Christian Biker TV

What a wonderful way to practically apply God's Word to everyday life. It's as simple a way as toast in the morning to share the bread of life. Biker George faces life with a point of view that will benefit everyone. What a wonderful way to share the Truth.
W. Scott Creasy, International Chaplain of the Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry

"Having Known the real Biker George for several decades", I can attest to the fact that he remains in the wind 24/7. The Holy Spirit is personified as wind in the book of Acts and Biker George, AKA Dano, is a true breeze on God's wings of compassion. This devotional book represents the heart of a true believer sharing God's message with thought provoking insights and a touch of Dano humor. Great job my friend by following Christ and putting together this devotional book. God Speed!
Pastor Tony Caruso, M.L.A. & Hospice Chaplain at Wayne T Patrick Hospice House

I believe Dano has put into this book words of encouragement, faith, love and joy that will uplift everyone that reads it. A devotion for everyday with the Word of God giving more emphasis to that story of strength to go out that day and accomplish all that God has for you. I love the way Dano uses Biker George as an example that we are victorious in every area of our life. You will be blessed from the start of your devotion to the end. From January to December. Dano, thank you for allowing God to use you in writing this devotional book for the entire family.
Billy Gowan, Senior Pastor at Life Church of Monroe

The author of these precious devotional thoughts is like a son to me. I would say that it is his steadfast consecration to Christ that has helped him to discover ways to influence others for the cause of Christ. He is one of our Father’s very special messengers, willing to travel the world in Jesus’ name, on a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, or with no-wheels down. Let me assure you that giving a brief moment every day to “In The Wind with Biker George” will lighten your heart and give you insights into Dano’s heart. Read a daily devotional and be refreshed and blessed!
Author Don Atkin

I first connected with Dano Janowski several years back through our mutual love and passion for God's gift of contemporary music - created and performed by artists/bands of a Judeo-Christian faith & worldview. He has willingly posted several of my contemporary music resources at Another passion of Dano's - in fact, his very lifestyle - is as a biker. He has a God-given passion for reaching those in the biker culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His devotional book will go a long towards doing just that.
Frank Rasenberger, Pastor of the Lutheran Church of Australia & Coordinator of Live at the Chapel Australasia

I read some of George's Devotionals and got blessed. They were very thought provoking and well written. I pray that they are a blessing to others.
Pastor Z. Founder Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry


You can get In The Wind With Biker George by Dano and start your Short Daily Rides Devotional anytime through the year!